Jacket #17 M

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Patchwork Towel Bomber Jacket, number #17, size M

Product Information

Sein 3 is my most sustainable collection, it´s completely made from pre-loved materials.
The number 3 in the name refers to the three Rs: Reuse, Reduce Recycle. 
Every product is one of a kind and has numbered label so you know you are receiving a unique piece from a unique collection. 


Chest: 119 cm
Lenght: 56 cm ( from the centar of the neck collar, down)
Sleeve: 58 cm (from the armpit to the end of the wrist)

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Product Details

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Jacket made out of towel scraps (patchwork style).
Comes with pockets and lining. 

Special Instructions

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Machine wash up to 40 degrees, but I recommend 30 for a longer life.