The following conditions of participation apply to competitions that I only run on mine Instagram and / or Facebook page "SÊIN fashion" in the Instagram Stories, in the Instagram feed or on the Facebook wall without using a special competition app.


What can I win?

The price will be announced in the respective competition posting. The prizes cannot be exchanged or redeemed in cash. The start of the competition is the time of publication in the Instagram Stories, in the Instagram feed or on our Facebook page; the time of the draw is specified separately for each competition. 


Who can take part?

Participants who have reached the age of 18. Please note that participants from all countries can take part, but the prizes will only be sent to Europe. 


How are the winners determined?

Unless otherwise stated, the winner will be determined by chance. Exceptions will be indicated in the competition posting. Each participant receives only one prize. 


How will the winners be notified?

The winners will be determined after the competition has ended and informed of the next steps via Instagram or Facebook. Again, the note that the prize will only be sent to Europe. If the winner cannot provide a delivery address in Europe, the winner will be informed of the conditions of participation and the prize will be raffled. 


What happens to the data?

I need your personal data as part of the implementation and processing of the competition. For this purpose, these are collected, stored and used. In the event of a win, a picture and name can be published. 


Other provisions: The judges' decision is final. Imprint: 
This competition is in no way related to Instagram or Facebook, so it is neither sponsored, supported nor administered by Instagram or Facebook. 


Photo upload. If you upload a photo to take part in the competition, the following additional conditions apply: No third party rights may be infringed, that means that the picture was taken by you and that the persons depicted agree with it. I would like to point out that I do not accept photos showing children and delete them immediately. I do this to protect children's personal rights. 


In addition (as with all contributions) all illegal content is prohibited, in particular content that is pornographic, promotes racial hatred or is inhuman. If you violate these rules, you must be responsible for any legal violations yourself. 


Which usage rights do I need? By posting the picture, you agree that I can publish or tag the picture in a Facebook photo album or in the Instagram feed with your INname. I only use the images in connection with the competition. However, you are aware and agree that the images and texts posted may also be discussed and linked by SÊIN fashion and third parties in social media (especially Facebook). I at SÊIN fashion reserve the right not to publish submitted contributions at all or with changes or abbreviations, provided that the original meaning is not lost as a result.